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Projects Delivered

Kirby Automation Limited has successfully delivered projects for clients in fields as diverse as Railways, Energy Transmission Systems and the Embedded Audio fields.

IEC61850 Edition 2

for BusBar Protection

Working with GE Renewable Energy,

Kirby Automation provided IEC61850 Edition 2 upgraded design, development and implementation services for their existing product range. 

The implemented solutions were then tested using power system simulation using Omicron secondary injection testing systems.

Power System Protection

Other Projects

Rapid Prototype with MATLAB

Rapid prototyping

Worked with Cirrus Logic to develop a model based solution for mobile audio  devices. Performed a feasibility study and proposed a new  methodology for a rapid prototyping process, using MATLAB, reducing the time to market.


Model Based Design Methods
Control System Design


control SYSTEM  


Kirby Automation performed requirement analysis and  architectural design for the GE  control system for a HVDC valve  testing facility, to control.

KA has also worked on LCC controls development for GE  project delivery.

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Power System Protection

power systems Protection & Control

Kirby Automation delivered protection  & control consultancy for projects with GE & Lucy Electric, for transmission and distribution systems.

KA supported upgrades for UK Power Networks on the Great Western Railway, for the IEC61850 protection scheme on the high speed line between London & Oxford.


Power System Protection
Electrification of Transport

electric transport

Kirby Automation has supported projects for electrification in the transport system and authored a paper, with the IEEE Europe, on the Electrification of Transport.

We also consulted on the design of  energy balancing systems for battery operated urban tram systems.

Electrification of Transport