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Power System Protection for All Businesses

We work with your company to provide power system consultancy and protection solutions. At Kirby Automation Ltd, we are experts in our field, and we can’t wait to share our skills with you.

Power System Protection

We’re able to deal with the full development cycle, from the initial capture of data to the implementation of our bespoke design.

We have more than 20 years of experience designing protection relay algorithms, applications, and schemes for high and medium voltage transmission and distribution (HV/MV T&D) systems. We use this experience to analyse complex problems and provide workable solutions.

This experience covers all aspects of power control system protection, including:

  • Generator and Motor 
  • Feeder and Bus 
  • Bar to Transmission Line 
  • Differential and Distance (Impedance) Based Protection Schemes
protection scheme validation

Protection scheme validation

Additionally, we have extensive experience in compliance testing, factory acceptance testing, accreditation, and homologation processes. This experience has been gained with internationally-recognised bodies, such as:

  • National Grid
  • Hydro Quebec in Canada
  • Eskom in South Africa
  • State Grid in China
  • KEMA in the Netherlands 
  • GE Grid Solutions’ UKAS-Accredited Laboratory
model based design

Model-Based Design

We provide model-based design solutions for complex real-time control systems. You’re able to use these systems to analyse system behaviour, identify new solutions, and optimise these solutions. Ultimately, you’re able to deploy this as software, to run on a microprocessor, or as a hardware description language solution. This may be a solution similar to Verilog or VHDL, for a field programmable gate array.
This analysis is performed using the leading industry technology, such as:

  • Matlab/ Simulink Behavioural Models
  • Mathcad Mathematical Models
  • National Instruments LabView 
  • PSCAD/EMTP or DigSILENT Power System Models

Power System Network Stability

We’re able to provide scheme design, validation, and verification services for your power system stability needs.

Techniques such as out of step and open line detection are often deployed on long distance high voltage transmission lines. These are used to identify unhealthy power flows on the network, typically after a fault has caused part of the network to become disconnected.

To find out more about our power control protection and consultancy services, contact us today.