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Embrace Renewable Energy

We’re able to help you with energy audits, feasibility studies, renewable energy scheme design, project management and validation services. This all contributes to you and your company embracing renewable energy, including CHP (Combined Heat & Power), bio-digester generation, hydro-electric, wind, and solar power - with the potential to significantly reduce your operating costs and CO2 footprint. No matter how large or small your company is, Kirby Automation Ltd offers a quality service to all.

Energy Services

1 Energy Audit

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Discover what your energy usage is, what are the main areas where energy is wasted and how to improve your energy efficiency - saving you money!

2 - Renewable Energy Feasibility Survey

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A detailed investigation into what renewable energy sources are available, the capital expenditure required to purchase & commission them and the operational savings over their expected lifetime. Financial measures such as Return On Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) & Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) are all included in the analysis.

3 - Full Project Management

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As a member of the Association of Project Managers, we have the capability to develop your project plans manage them to delivery for the entire project lifecycle.

Go Green!

We help you to connect renewable energy to your current power grid. The renewable sources that we offer support connecting include:

  • Hydro-Electric
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Farms

Each one has benefits and drawbacks, and these are explained below.

Hydro-Electric Power

The use of hydro-electric is well established, and it’s known to be highly effective. However, it usually requires significant investment, as you may need to build pumped water storage and dam waterways. Tidal systems are being developed too.

hydro electric

Solar Power

solar power

Rooftop solar has made significant inroads, with large scale solar farms a growing trend. There are few drawbacks with this technology, but the up-front cost is often off-putting to businesses.

Wind Farms

There has been a significant investment into onshore and offshore wind farms. These farms require minium wind speeds to operate effectively, but the benefits can outweigh the negatives.

wind farms

Information on Renewable Energy for Businesses

These resources place new demands on the distribution network operators. These operators are now finding their networks are the connection point, and this goes against the top down approach of traditional generation schemes, where the National Grid accepted connections and transmitted the power to the operators.

For renewable energy, the use of dynamic ratings in the connection of wind farms is incredibly important. This is because the options to upgrade the distribution system are limited. These solutions take advantage of the cooling effect of the wind on distributions cables, allowing the current rating to be increased. This improves the penetration of renewable energy. Detection of power islands and loss of mains connections is also important, to ensure the safe operation of the power system and to protect the assets.

To learn more about renewable energy, including solar power, contact our team today.