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Control Power System Analysis Experts

With the right training, engineers are able to tailor-design equipment for the control power systems of a business. With the help of our control power analysis specialists, you’re able to efficiently run your business, no matter the size.

Wide Area Measurement, Protection, and Control Systems

We are able to design equipment to be built into your control system. We’re also able to create applications that help with the data that the system generates. This is great for the optimisation and efficiency of the system. Our technology helps to minimise down-time by isolating networking problems before they become an issue.

For many years, we have designed and implemented phasor measurement units for wide area measurement systems.

A Synchrophasor is defined by:


This is the Synchrophasor equation represented as a waveform. This is shown below as a phasor:


Our Wide Area Management Experience

We’ve worked in a vast array of standardisation bodies, including:

  • International Standards (IEC) 
  • Major Utilities in North America (USA and Canada)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile)
  • Europe (Belgium, Denmark, and the UK)
  • Africa (South Africa)
  • Asia (India and China)

We have also worked with governing bodies to create the standards for each working group. Our team has written documents that are noted for changed before the initial ballot and get the working groups to review the procedures in place.

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