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About Kirby Automation Ltd

With more than 20 years of experience, Kirby Automation Ltd is the premier company for automation consultancy. We provide a vast array of services, allowing companies to improve their understanding and capabilities in the area. We help you to develop real-time systems, so that you’re able to perform better.

What We Do

In the energy sector, we offer design and development services relating to electrical power system controls. We have an excellent knowledge of AC protection schemes for both high and medium voltage transmission and distribution applications. We’re specialists in:

  • Power System Stability
  • Using Predictive Techniques 
  • Synchrophasor Measurement Solutions

Helping to Shape the Future

The future of engineering is important to us. We support a range of STEM activities in the Staffordshire region, and Brian is a STEM Ambassador. We also support the IET and the IEEE, helping to promote the vision of engineering as a career for students. Take a look at the work that we have done with the Royal Academy of Engineering to promote STEM in Stoke and Staffordshire on YouTube™.

Call us to learn more about our automatic consultancy solutions.